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Conceptualising My Look & Feel

We have already established my utter disdain for the colour orange and the fact that I feel like I live in dust-bowl desert-like face-brick bunker. Whilst living in the highveld is fast paced & intense, in my home I really want to feel relaxed. I want to feel like I am on holiday. At the beach. Always. I figured, if I am going to be living in the highveld for any length of time (which I am), and I cannot visit the beach, then I will bring the beach to the highveld!

The themes that I have chosen to remind me of the beach, they all have something very calming, something very tranquil and nautical about them (without being obvious). I just cannot decide if I should go light or dark? Or a combination of both? What do you think?


I love a dark exterior with white trim, there is something relaxed, cheeky yet sophisticated about it.

Let us consider the positives:

  • It will hide the dust

  • It is modern

  • It is a practical colour; pets and children can touch it without their handprints or paw prints showing

  • It is easier to clean

  • It is unique for the area

  • There is something cheeky and whimsical about it

  • It is younger, hipper, and more on trend.

Now Let us consider the negatives:

  • It could make the house quite hot- especially in the attic like rooms

  • It could make the house feel smaller- some of the exterior walls are close to the house, if I paint the walls dark, I could end up making the space feel smaller

  • It could make the house dark and cold in winter- there are a lot of trees around the house- it could feel suppressive.

  • For resale purposes, not everyone likes dark colours.

  • Darker paints are more costly

  • If the white trim is not executed perfectly it will look terrible and shoddy.


A white interior is classy, classic and with the right accessories can be made to feel cosy and airy.

Let us consider the positives:

  • It is timeless, classic, and elegant

  • It is fresh, clean, and airy

  • It goes with both modern and classic styles

  • It will make the space feel bigger

  • It will lighten the space up

  • It is more cost effective

  • It is easier to apply & touch up

  • White houses appeal to a broader audience- thus if I wanted to sell the house it would appeal to more people

Now Let us consider the negatives:

  • Every handprint or paw print will show up on surfaces

  • Any dust will show up easily especially on exterior walls after it rains

  • It may create too much of a glair

  • It could make the house feel cold in winter

  • It may be lacking in personality and cold.

Now is the time to cast your vote and let me know what you vote for? Light and airy? Or dark and moody?
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